Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Versatility in formulations with macronutrient fertilizers :

Because Smart micronutrients are non-reactive there is complete versatility in the ways in which they can be combined with bulk fertilizers. This is property is unique to Smart and, therefore, the potential uses of Smart in formulations is vast.

(a)   In granulation with NPK fertilizers : Conventional micronutrient fertilizers (sulphates and chelates) are not suitable for use in granulation with NPK fertilizers because they react and alter their chemical state into forms that are ineffective. The major advantage of the Smart micronutrients is that they can be granulated with any of the NPK fertilizers including SSP, TSP, DAP, etc. They are non-reactive to the bulk fertilizer and retain their unique properties. Thereby each granule is consistently uniform in composition, each granule delivers micronutrients and there is a much more effective dispersion of the micronutrient in soil.

(b)   Coating on NPKs : Smart can be readily coated on to bulk fertilizer granules.  The powdery micronutrients are easily amenable to coating and retain their effectiveness.

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