Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Disadvantages of micronutrient sulfates and chelates

Micronutrient sulfates & chelates are water soluble fertilizers

Water soluble fertilizers are subject to leaching, drainage causing -
          > Water & air pollution.
          > High wastage of nutrients.

Nutrients become non-available over time due to soil fixation requiring -
         > Excess dosage and frequent applications of fertilizers.

Mismatch between plant requirement & nutrient availability because -
         >  Crop nutrient requirements vary during growth period.
         > Current fertilizer applications result in feeding through a fire-hose. 
         > Either over nourishment or deprivation of key nutrients during plant growth cycle.

Introduction of undesirable components -
        > Soil acidification
        > Accumulation non-biodegradable compounds. EDTA is non-biodegradable & a serious                      pollutant of water

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